Why Not Work From A Coffee Shop In . . . Paris?

Hello there!

Chase and I are travelers. We love to explore new places and cultures. About a year ago we were talking and lamenting the fact that we aren't able to travel as frequently as we would like. Chase was in school at the time, but we realized that even after he graduated and got a job, our travel would still be limited to whatever we could do with our two weeks PTO.

We started thinking about how amazing it would be if we could work and travel at the same time. With modern technology, you can be just as productive anywhere with an internet connection as you would be in an office, so why not? The more we thought about it, the more sense it made. With a year of school left for Chase, we decided we would take that time to to develop the types of employable skills that lend themselves to remote jobs and see what kind of work we could find. 

After we had made up our minds to pursue this lifestyle, we began telling family and close friends about our plans. While we have received overwhelming support for our decision to try this out, several people responded with, "Obviously that's what everyone wants to do, but it's just not realistic."

That got us thinking, is this really what people believe? That living this lifestyle is unrealistic? I've always assumed that people are doing exactly what they want to be doing, within realistic boundaries, but maybe there is a group of people who really want to live this lifestyle and just don't know that it's possible. So, we started this blog! If the idea of endless travel and adventure intrigues you, follow along. If you want to get a good laugh out of seeing our failed attempts and strokes of bad luck, follow along. Our hope is that something about this blog will inspire you to be more curious about the world and realize the possibility of endless adventure is within reach.

Follow along as we share step-by-step instructions on how to work from wherever, travel on a budget, book affordable accommodations, and truly immerse yourself in the culture wherever you go; aka living "the copperhouse way". 

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