A Day In La Pampa: Estancia El Ombu De Areco

For the past two years Chase has taken me horseback riding for my birthday!  I grew up riding and always love the opportunity to get back in the saddle.  This year was super special as we took a break from the big city and headed out to the country side.

We traveled about two hours outside of the city to Estancia El Ombu de Areco, a traditional working ranch in la pampa. Our day was filled with horseback riding, Argentine folk music, and a delicious asado aka Argentine BBQ (the best!!!). A day filled with culture and fun!

We took a beautiful, long ride out to the fields to check on the cattle and the other horses on the property.  Lead by two seasoned Gauchos, it was amazing to ride the land with them and breathe in that moment.  **note to self: never tell the guide that you are an experienced rider, the big beauty I'm on was a little less than tame. :s

Now if only every meal could include a sweet Gaucho serenading us... We had been talking about eating a good asado in Argentina for months - this trip has been a looooooong time in the making, but let me tell you - Argentine beef under a grove of trees in the country did not disappoint. 

After lunch the Gauchos showcased a demonstration of trust between man and horse. I honestly was pretty weary of the demonstration beforehand, but it was really neat to see how gentle and loving these men are with the animals they raise. They also let us in on the fun towards the end, which one of us was clearly jazzed about.............

Truly a place I could see myself retiring... See you in 40 years, Estancia El Ombu!

For those interested, we booked this experience through Viator here.  We found out booking through Viator saved us at least $20 a person, so definitely check out their prices before booking any tour.  We typically don't do tours when we travel, but we LOVED this trip because it was so private (only 3 other people in our group), authentic, and educational (Pablo, you rock)! 

Feeling so lucky to have spent my birthday doing some of my most favorite things. Getting out into the countryside added such a neat perspective to our trip thus far - if you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires, I would highly recommend making a visit to la pampa a priority.  

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