A Budget Even Minimum Wage Can Afford: Buenos Aires

Here is our in-depth monthly expense report for Buenos Aires (and I'm going to need a rundown of this on my desk by tomorrow morning). It's a breakdown of literally every cent that has gone into this trip. We hope this will provide you with a realistic picture of what staying in Buenos Aires is like for the copperhouse traveler. And remember, this budget is completely customizable! We are traveling in a way that is comfortable for us and our budget, but there is a lot of room to cut costs (or add costs, for that matter). 

Monthly Budget Totals:
Solo Traveler: $1,475
Couple Travelers: $2,905

*All prices are in USD and for two people unless otherwise indicated

✈️ Flights: $600 per person (one way)

  • Argentina is surprisingly expensive to fly to, but we booked through StudentUniverse, which gives discounts on flights to students, teachers, and anyone under the age of 26. This saved us about $250 per person.

🚕 Airport Pickup: $35

  • There are three ways to get downtown from the airport: bus, Uber, and taxi. The bus costs $10 per person and will take you to a station downtown, from which you can take a short cab ride to your rental/hostel. Definitely the cheapest way for a solo traveler. An Uber will charge about $20, but you'll need cellular data to hail it since the airport WiFi is no good. That leaves the $35 taxi ride, which we did because our flight was delayed and we were pressed for time. 

🍔 Food: $600

  • When we're on a trip, we're always tempted to eat out for every meal. If you've booked a place with a kitchen, though, you can save a lot by making some of your meals at home.

🏠 Accommodations: $690

  • A little known fact is that many apartments on AirBnb will offer substantial discounts to anyone booking for a month at a time. In fact, if you search for accommodations with your dates already put in, the prices listed will reflect those for the month, service fee included. We got a very nice studio in the heart of the city for a very affordable rate.
  • *Note: if you are traveling alone and are planning on staying in a hostel, you can find dorms for as low as $10/night on HostelWorld. For the budget's sake, let's say you're paying $12/night, or $360/month.

👖 Laundry: $60

  • This was a strategic splurge for us. If you place doesn't come with a washing machine, there are two ways to get your laundry done in Argentina: the first is by hand in the sink, and the second is taking it to a laundromat where they wash and fold it for you. Obviously you can save a lot of money by washing your clothes by hand, but it is very time-consuming and if it cuts into your work, it's probably not worth it, even financially. We sent our laundry out three times during our month in Buenos Aires and paid about $20 each time.

🚇 Transportation: $20

  • Buenos Aires has excellent public transportation with a very easy-to-use network of buses and metros. It's also ridiculously cheap - only $.40 per ride for the bus and even less for the metro.

💃 Activities: $300

  • This varies widely based on what you like to do. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer, so come see it for yourself!


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